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I’ve been finding that too many of my astrology clients (solopreneurs, therapists, small business people, all wanting to express their higher purpose) have been facing a stone wall when it comes to building a professional website to showcase their work and objectives.

And it’s too easy to fall prey to seemingly cheap solutions that box you into a limited proprietary system without good support or necessary features (which are free elsewhere!).

Since 2004, I’ve been applying my foundation in Art Studies, from my youth, through coding my own websites independently, using HTML and CSS. And since 2010, I’ve also been utilising the myriad features and possibilities offered by the WordPress platform.

If you are a client who has experienced my astrology sessions, you would appreciate that I always use the most advantageous tools in my work for you. I’m always seeking out the best, the exceptional.

Deb Rollings website by Kerrie Redgate floating

Divi is powered by WordPress which itself now powers more than 33% of the web, including enterprise sites and  prominent company blogs such as Bloomberg, New York Times, The New Yorker, BBC America, Disney, Sony Music, Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, The Official Star Wars Blog, Mercedes-Benz, TED Blog, Sweden’s Official Website, etc, etc… WordPress is a vast Open Source platform that brings power to the people, by the people. is free to use, but requires a webhost of your choice to provide the ‘land’ you build your ‘house’ on. With WordPress, you can build a free hut on your own, buy and set up a premium prefab cottage, or you can build a ‘wow’ house with an ‘architect’.

To be exceptional, you need a stable, secure, and impressive cyber-home
— but it’s your choice —

 So, in 2017, I purchased a lifetime license to design websites with Divi, literally the #1 WordPress visual site builder on the net. Currently there are more than 1 million websites, globally, that have been designed using the comprehensive Divi Builder tools by Elegant Themes. Divi is an astonishing game-changer! Divi is becoming the tool of choice for discerning website developers joining a huge Divi community around the world. And a Divi site can always be easily updated for the latest trends in web design — you will never need to be stuck with an outdated website. The developers at Elegant Themes never sleep! They are providing new features for web designers almost every week!

Yogacara astrology

REvealing your
Exceptional Purpose

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Dedicated Website

Astrology for Your Website


INFORMED hosting advice

Easy editing access

Clean, Modern Design

Animated design

Sabotage-Free Design

SEO-Sensitive Design

Mobile-Ready Design



kerrie’s unique advantage for you

Business Websites Built Exactly
for Your Purpose

I have the added advantage of access to your personal astrology chart
  • I know where your subtle sabotage lines are drawn.
  • I know astrologically what colours resonate with your highest career expression, and with the types products/services you may be selling.
  • And after a Yogacara Astrology session with me, I appreciate who your clients/customers will be, and how you should approach them in your design.
  • Plus, I understand the astrological paradigm we are currently living in, its global effects on the collective consciousness, and how long it will last.


Take control—edit, yourself!

Do Your Own Editing
on the Fly

There are a number of website builders available on the net. It’s important to be discerning and choose a platform that gives you the greatest freedom, room for growth, economy, and control

Some non-Wordpress site builders are permanently attached to webhosts (like many of the simple builders that are often advertised everywhere), which means you can’t ever move your site to a more comprehensive webhost with greater features and unlimited data transfer when your audience grows.

And some other site builders work exclusively with their own company’s WordPress themes, so you’re locked into their theme and builder limitations.


The Divi Visual Builder by Elegant Themes can be used with just about any website/blog theme, both free and premium.

But you may never need to use any other WordPress theme, as Elegant Themes has created especially the Divi and the Extra (blog) themes to take full advantage of the Divi Visual Builder’s thousands of design options.

Divi is a powerful front-end builder, which means you can edit your content right on the visual website to see your changes in real time while you’re making them.

Use simple sliders to alter spacing; change colours; edit your text; swap an image. . . too easy!


If you’re nervous or worried about mucking up your design when you need to make some simple changes, I can disable certain editing functions for you in the Divi settings.  But you can still access the parts you need for your own editing. Stress-free!

This also means you would not have to pay a webdev a service fee, with a wait of days or a week,  simply to alter a heading colour or change a price number.

PLUS!, the good folks at Elegant Themes have provided specific video tutorials accessible to you inside every Divi element you are working on, to teach you how to use that feature of Divi!
— These ET people are truly exceptional !  

Of course, I can still be available for any major site updates or additions.
Divi also receives regular feature updates, as the Elegant Themes team are constantly enhancing the software with even more features! So, we can add the latest trends and options to your site to keep it current and super-functional.



Example Rates Only

For my Exceptional Purpose Clients

Why So Cheap ?

These discounted rates are for my existing Astrology clients. And if that’s you, you would have experienced at least a BigView session with me, and hopefully the Zoom-In session as well, so we have already covered much of the background prep needed to design a site in harmony with your Exceptional Purpose.

Whether needing a specialist flower essence formula, a Feng Shui sabotage-clearing consultation, or a web site, your Astrology sessions lay the foundation for a specialised personal result designed exclusively for you.

  • All prices are in Australian dollars (lucky you in the US and EU!)
  • PRICES COULD VARY depending on your requirements, so these listed prices are guidelines only, and for my existing clients—For these reasons (as above ↑)
  • NOT A CLIENT? That’s OK. We can discuss a price and a contract for your immediate needs.
  • Just needing a Blog design & set-up? Let’s talk and we can negotiate a deal for you
  • Prices DO NOT include webhosting, domain name registration (which is free for a year if you sign with my recommenced host), or premium plugins you may desire (I will always seek out the most economical and usually free services and plugins options for you—and with Divi, you’ll need very few third-party plugins)
  • If you’re in a hurry for your site, we can negotiate a higher fee (example above is A$1450 for 5 pages) where I’ll be able to focus on your site exclusively (as I normally also see astrology clients alongside my website work — another reason for my lower fees, which helps people who are just starting out)

And, of course, all the pages of this site—bearing in mind, they are designed for my own work, and yours can look entirely different, as you choose, and as fits your Purpose.

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