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Chiron Into Aries: A Positive View

Kerrie has deleted this Feb 2019 video from YouTube and adapted it for her podcast instead 

Kerrie’s podcast episode 4 (series 1) on the:
Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast

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Chiron Astrological glyph

Children & Consciousness

A live interview with Kerrie Redgate, by Jane Hanckel of the Spirit of Childhood FoundationA completely ‘off the cuff’ bucket of surprises!

Kerrie’s note: I only made one serious error: I talked about ‘gamma rays‘ rather than ‘gamma waves‘! Just a slip of the tongue as I’m researching at both the macro and micro ends (cosmos and brain).

Astrology in 7 Seconds

A bit of fun, though true! Here it is in 7 Seconds.
A snippet from a double TV episode of ‘Conversations With Robyn’, filmed late June 2006, and screened initially in Australia in late July 2006. (Both episodes, also containing interviews with Dr Nei Hair on Numerology, have been repeated many times since on TVS and the Foxtel Aurora channel.)

(More from these interviews coming here soon.)

Astrology and the GFC Warning in 2006

Kerrie Redgate’s mid-2006 warning about the new global paradigm to come for the world economy (which became known as the GFC) for early 2008. This was a simple deduction based on frequency changes in the Earth’s field that would affect all living things in some way, but particularly the human species and human civilization. And we’re only just over 62% through this paradigm!

Kerrie’s Note: Grab my Insight Magazine article published April 2008, via my subscribe buttons on this site, for more information on this current 16-year paradigm, as compared to the last 12-year paradigm.

Reincarnation & Consciousness

Another excerpt from Kerrie Redgate’s 2006 TV interview on ‘Conversations with Robyn’. Here, an explaination on what Reincarnation is, and what it isn’t. It may help to clarify some misunderstandings.

Kerrie’s Note: I’m planning to publish my book on Reincarnation in 2019, as the first volume of a series on Astrology and Mind/Brain. (This book will be initially free in the digital versions, as I’m hoping to encourage people to consider the exclusive research I’ve been able to do in this area with the help of other professionals of various skills.

Padmasambhava Mantra

A humble offering. Kerrie Redgate singing the mantra of the great 8th century tantric yogi / siddha who helped establish esoteric Buddhism in Tibet, through His great compassion and skill.

Padmasambhava also buried terma teachings in various parts of Tibet, and has also been known to inspire teachings telepathically.

(Note: Photo of the Tantric Dance in Tibet both courtesy of and © Gillane Fonseka.)


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