The Bodhimind Program — with Kerrie Redgate

Success in any area of life depends on self-confidence, belief in your own abilities. And most importantly, belief in your capacity to influence the lives of others for the better—this is the vital key — KERRIE REDGATE (from a forthcoming book)

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The Bodhimind Program

An ‘umbrella’ program of services offering
a practical ongoing guide
through the maze of your unconscious levels of mind,
so that your fullest potential
— Professionally   Personally   Spiritually —
may be realised in the world

The Tools Available For You

Receiving ongoing guidance from someone who understands how your particular mind works can be highly useful to you, personally; and can advance your life exponentially, especially when the guide is enthusiastic about assisting you to become your own master.

With the Bodhimind Program, you can choose any of the following services in combination at any time

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  • An advanced system of Astrology for Career Diagnosis & Opportunities (see my Living With Exceptional Purpose website)
  • Astrology sessions incorporating Yogacara Buddhist Psycho-Philosophy for understanding Mind and Ethical Processes
  • Strategy Transit Sessions based on current astrological influences (useful after a full session analysis of your birth chart has been completed)
  • Flower Essences to assist personal changes within mind and brain
  • RedgateSpace (incorporating some Taoist Bagua principles related to your birth-chart) to empower your spaces for sabotage-free creative work
  • Living With Exceptional Purpose course, to reveal, support and inspire your purpose and inherent talents, sharpening your awareness, both personally and professionally

My astrological research has focused largely on patterns of insidious self-sabotage as it stifles our attempts to fulfill our life purpose. Though, this does not limit my work simply to uncovering this thought-form in the psyche. My research can also be highly useful in assisting any area of life to prevent these hidden concepts from operating at a negative level. Therefore, depending on your requirements, my services may also include the following, more specifically:

    Taoist Bagua principles can be used to align your personal/business astrology chart with your home and/or office, to eliminate the chances of self-sabotage from the imagery, cultural styles, and colours in your environment—this may include an appraisal of even the ‘innocently symbolic’ placement of objects on your desk;
    personalised design tips (including colour resonances in harmony with your birth chart) for advertisements, business cards, and/or your website (your artwork can be emailed to me or sent via Skype/Dropbox/Google Drive.etc, for my suggestions and reality-check on contents), to enhance the work of your design team;
    discussions based on your astrological advantages;
    editing-check of important documents (applications, resumés, letters, etc.) to avoid subtle sabotage and to align with your highest possible outcome;
    creating ethical solutions to dilemmas and ethical boundaries based on spiritual virtues and this life’s personal challenges evident from your astrology chart;
    additional sessions in 15-minute increments or by the hour, to assist with progress reports and immediate problem solving;
    assistance with immediate & specific Unconscious Anxiety challenges, to keep you bouyant and on-track and in your highest power;
    a quick 15-minute relevant and inspirational pep talk by phone/Skype/Facetime/G+Hangout can also keep things moving for you during the darker moments. We all need reminding from time to time!;
    and, of course, optional extra support from flower essence formulas, assisting with each new tier of development. (That link will take you to my new Bodhimind Essences site.)

In this way, my services can be of greater assistance, and in a more flexible format for your busy lifestyle, throughout these demanding times.

While I may provide specialised guidance in navigating the Unconscious Anxiety (subtle self-sabotage) evident within your chart, the emphasis is still on you to become your own Master through the practice of Mindfulness in these areas. However, we can still work through these challenges together over time, as support and a reliable reality-check is highly beneficial, especially when on the path of overcoming Unconscious Anxiety.

The Value: Why Book the Bodhimind Program?

Your astrology chart is unique to you alone.
Your subconscious imprints and your deepest unconscious concepts can be recognised quickly and turned to advantage through the skillful use of astrological knowledge.

As self-sabotaging concepts in the psyche can become clearly evident through the process of Astrology, ongoing Bodhimind Program sessions can be of enormous value in avoiding the subtle pitfalls in the way of success in business/career or relationships, or for your spiritual development in general.

The Initial Session begins the process as the personal astrology chart is explored in dialogue for clarification of your finer qualities and life purpose, plus the karmic imprints that may need to be corrected and utilised as areas of expertise that relate to the overall life plan.

Astrology can also provide valuable information on the timing of events, both in hindsight for clarity, and foresight for opportunity

The various levels of the psyche/brain in which you may be operating, during specific types of challenges, can be ascertained through personal Astrological knowledge. For example, it is vital to be aware of these levels in your decision-making processes, such as when basing decisions on:

  • a personally specific, yet unconscious survival pattern from recent lifetimes
  • specific past-life habit patterns arising from emotional reactivity
  • a completely insidious and personally specific conceptual terror (which has us doing all the WRONG things for all the RIGHT reasons!)
  • an ancient, well-hidden relationship-sabotage, being an unconscious personal concept regarding grief bundled with responsibility & guilt
  • an unbalanced view with too much reliance on the logical rather than intuitive mind (and vice versa)
  • the value systems of others, throwing our higher purpose into chaos, while later generating regret, instead of clearly defining our own values at the outset
  • losing sight of our virtuous & benevolent goals for this life: reaffirming and keeping our life on track is vital

For a decade during my earlier life as a young yet influential employee (often being dubbed ‘The Conscience of the Company’! ▼), I had assisted a number of start-ups to grow ethically into financially successful ventures.

During the three decades since that time, I have used this same approach of fostering Ethics, Morality, and Innovation within the sessions for my Astrology clients and students, emphasising both career and relationship dynamics. This approach fully utilises the ’cause and effect’ principle described within Buddhist teachings as karma (in Sanskrit): the action derived from our mind-&-brain conditioning.

RESULTS are always a product of their CAUSES

I believe that our present 16-year Capricorn-Pluto paradigm▼ (since late January 2008), is the time for:

  • ethical responsibility
  • commitment
  • and the achievement of long-term goals

Astrology is a superb device for understanding your highest and unique potential, inner processes, and karmic habituations. Therefore, at this time, you may require more ongoing assistance with each step in the evolution of your life, career, or relationships. This is the underlying purpose of The Bodhimind Program™.


An mp3 audio recording is made of each 1-hour minimum Astrology session while in progress via computer software.

Your mp3 audio file can be downloaded by you exclusively from my Google Drive or Dropbox
(The size of an mp3 audio file of 1-hour duration is around 60 Mb).

Alternatively, audio mp3 CDs can be burned and mailed to you (Airmail to destinations outside Australia, incurring an extra fee).

RedgateSpace sessions are not recorded. Instead, a written Recommendations Report will be emailed to you as a .pdf file after the consultation(s).

Grab a pdf copy of Kerrie Redgate’s published magazine article
Cult Or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatum
(published by Insight Magazine, April 2008),
an exposé of both our previous Sagittarius-Pluto paradigm and our current Capricorn-Pluto paradigm (Puts the world into perspective!).

You will also be included for Kerrie’s next newsletter,
containing free downloads and articles written for you
Of course, your email address and privacy are respected here!

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Booking A Session

The Online Booking Form (see button below) has been designed to assure accurate communication of your birth details, and to define the purpose and focus of the sessions. This is necessary to begin the booking process.

All submissions from the Booking Form are treated absolutely confidentially.
No need to pay a deposit until a definite appointment has been booked.
After I receive your Booking Form, I will email you to arrange an appointment date and time.
See the Contact Details page on this site for my email addresses and my mobile phone number. You can contact me anytime if you require more information.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be occasions when extra research becomes necessary. All fees are agreed upon before the session.

Thinking of booking a session?
Here are some guidelines to get you started:

Info Before You Book !


Astrology Reference for “The Conscience of the Company“: The asteroid named Conscience is on my Midheaven and happily trining my Kronos (a Transneptunian Point), which fits nicely with the theme of my Capricorn Ascendant. I was never afraid to fight my bosses on ethical issues within their companies, and it served them well.
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