Some Testimonials for Kerrie Redgate’s Services

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" Kerrie spoke with the wisdom and compassion of a deva. I was enthralled from start to finish and I still boggle at the amount of information that was transferred in a relatively short time. But it was more than information, it was a deep transmission from the soul of the Universe to mine. Thank you Kerrie, it was initiation and an activation."

Transformational Tours

Guide and Founder

"Thank you so much for such a lovely session! It has helped so much more than one would think, and I am having so many realisations each day since we had the session, which is just lovely… thank you!!!"

(Auckland, New Zealand)

"I first met Kerrie in 1995 after an acquaintance gave me her details and encouraged me to have a session with her. It’s now January 2016 and I’m still drinking-in the litres of information on spiritual astrology and wisdom for everyday guidance and practice as well as my soul’s journey in this life.

Kerrie is truly an inspirational teacher of not only Western astrology but Transneptunian archetypal bodies and ancient wisdom—what you might call an old soul and sage.

Each time I have visited for a session, four times now, Kerrie has empowered me to reach for higher potentials. I would leave her presence after these sessions brimming over with delight, understanding and motivation.

Her offerings whether in a workshop, or a face-to-face one-on-one session seems like a life-times’ work in spiritual guidance and direction for your life. Her offerings are so easy-flowing, comfortable and digestible. But, be ready to spend quality time as she never holds back, she truly has a giving nature and walks you through your spiritual astrological chart with an inspired and motivational force.

We are truly blessed by her wisdom and universal knowledge. Enjoy the feast."

(NSW Australia)

" Kerrie, I have such fantastic memories of learning astrology from you and of you in general. You are a brilliant teacher and researcher. You are a brilliant interpreter of astrology."

(former editor Southern Crossings Magazine)

" Thank you, Kerrie, sooooo much. I am so glad I followed my spirit’s calling back in 1991 when I saw the ad for your course in a shop window. Best decision I ever made!"


" You are an amazing teacher and a true pioneer!"


" You’ve changed our lives and we want as many people as possible to have the same access to their soul map as you’ve given us!"

President of The Valley Centre


" Thank you for the session. I really appreciated it and it made so many of the threads that I have in my life make more sense. It wove a level of deeper coherency for me. So many blessings and thanks to you."


" Thank you, Kerrie, seeing you was indeed a pivotal life changing moment. So grateful. Wishing you much joy and peace."

Zondrya Vyncent

" Kerrie’s detailed insights are just what you need to help you find your path and stay on it. Her extensive years of innovative research and work with clients has built up an extraordinary depth of knowledge and skills. Highly recommended."

(Hobart Australia)

" I have been a student of Spiritual Astrology and Flower Essences for over 10 years and my mentor is the innovative and inspirational Kerrie Redgate! This has led to continual study of many vibrational and energetic healing modalities including Flower Essences, Reiki, Kinesiology and Psychosomatics leading to a wide-ranging experience of life and people."

Purple Heavens Creation

(NSW Australia)

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