Sabotage-Free Space — with Kerrie Redgate

RedgateSpace with Kerrie Redgate

Another Facet of the Bodhimind Program

The Bodhimind Program includes:

  • Bodhimind Yogacara Astrology Sessions (defining your highest life purpose)
  • Strategy Transit Sessions (flowing with your opportunities)
  • Exceptional Purpose Online Course (new course begins 2017)
  • Bodhimind Flower Essence Therapy (support & overcoming subtle self-sabotage)
  • RedgateSpace (clearing subtle career sabotage in your daily spaces)

The psychological impact of your spaces is defined by the subtle inner stirrings you feel from your immediate environment.
Moods, Decisions, and your Higher Purpose, can all be sabotaged by your own havens of home and office.
By integrating Taoist Bagua principles with the knowledge of your personal astrological imprints, you can correct these influences, bringing you into harmony with the Present: supported, not challenged, by your surroundings.

Subtle Sabotage

Since 1993, I have been clinically studying the effects of the Feng Shui Bagua
(the octagonal map of the major areas of life-experience)
on space and mind-orientation, by comparing this to my clients’ astrological maps.

An example of subtle-sabotage in a home environment:

I like to study interior design books for inspiration, the heavy coffee table volumes you can find in libraries. But I have a habit of scrutinising every image for subtle-sabotage in the rooms.

This is actually quite a fruitful exercise, because no matter how artfully—and expensively—the rooms have been designed, there is frequently a glaring object, or painting, that screams of “subtle” sabotage.

A recent case:
A large open-plan livingroom with open dining area attached, and a mezzanine hallway balcony above. Three major areas of every-day living, centred around a huge painting (in full view) of an unsolved Rubik’s Cube that had been tossed violently into a glass of water (artful water splashing up in the air).

Think about it: what does that painting actually represent?
(I’ll solve the riddle—not the Cube—for you at the bottom of this page.)

RedgateSpace can assist in bringing harmony, peace, and inspiration
to the environments in which you spend your life

Feng Shui & Mind

The ancient Taoist principles in Feng Shui are a perfect complement to Astrology as they both involve your subconscious mind. Astrology not only reveals your higher purpose and any subtly sabotaging factors, but also uncovers the causes of both for deeper clarity.

With skill in the psychological attributes of Feng Shui, you can actually see these hidden concepts and beliefs in 3-D in your own living and work environments. Any sabotaging concepts can be altered with purposeful guidance through subtly altering your home or office in accord with what is found in your (or your business’s) astrology map.


"Our house in a prestigious area of southern Sydney had 10 weeks of weekly open inspections with not one offer. Kerrie Redgate made some simple suggestions to improve the Feng Shui where there were problems, mostly in the garden. We implemented the changes and one week later we had three serious offers on the same day! The house was sold a week after that. It was so simple and effective. And the changes were not expensive." — MAXINE McKINLEY NSW Australia Feng Shui does not stop at buildings and rooms, but can also be incorporated, quite significantly, into the mindful placement of objects on your desk and kitchen bench!, as well as into the designs of your business cards and website.

Every space you visually encounter has a Feng Shui map that corresponds to your deepest conceptions about outer reality. Psychological and even spiritual healing modalities you employ may be subtly sabotaged by the spaces in which you live and work. If you have objects reflecting your difficult past-life experiences (from this and other lifetimes) placed in areas of a room or house related to their stories, you may suffer psychological or even health setbacks.

The subconscious mind will always draw you to the familiar; and itself has no judgement as to whether an object or artwork may have a subtly sabotaging or inspiring effect on your efforts and goals.

A powerful sabotaging effect can occur as the subconscious mind relates to your outer reality purely through symbols, much like your experiences in the dream state while sleeping. Being aware of your own symbolism can be an enlightening experience.

Astrology is a marvellous tool when employed in revealing what is buried in the mind-stream as well as highlighting the direction for this present incarnation. Personal Astrology maps, or Composite maps for couples and families, or Business maps (Registration or Opening dates), can be utilised for this purpose, and are an important adjunct to the entire process. Each space is individual and has a life of its own, dictated by its occupants.

Golden Japanese Fan

There is much more to Feng Shui than hanging faceted crystal spheres and windchimes. Feng Shui principles can be utilised to replace the negative influences of inappropriate personal symbolism.

Often this may be a simple process of moving an object to another corner of the room or to another room in the house. At times, new objects or colours are suggested (Astrology can specifically indicate the symbolic objects, colours and the textures/elements that support and harmonise with one’s spiritual/practical needs); and inappropriate old pieces may have to go!

One warning regarding some traditional systems: DO NOT allow anyone to tell you that you will have 9 years of bad luck or ill health! You are ultimately in control of your mind at all times, and you are in control of your own life. No one has the right to program your brain in that way!

China and the Tao


Feng Shui is but one expression of the genius of the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao [pron. dow to rhyme with British ‘cow’], a philosophy which is at the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine (including Acupuncture).

The Tao is concerned with the balance of all things, and with your own balance within your own environments. This can also extend to what foods you eat within particular locales.

For example, people living in Scotland do not traditionally eat papaya and juicy raw fruits (which, of course, do not grow naturally in the environment of Scotland) as these take heat from the body for digestion. Instead, the Scottish are famous for their consumption of warming foods such as oats.

The Balinese, by contrast, do not eat oats in Bali’s hot, humid environment. They eat cooling foods such as fruits and lightly cooked vegetables and rice (they do quickly fry foods in hot oil which helps to destroy the health-depleting microscopic parasites that can thrive within foods grown in warm humid climates).

Feng Shui applies these same phenomenal principles through a deep respect for the elements that make up our being (earth, water, wood, fire, and metal), in accord with the teachings found within the “I Ching” (pron. yee jing). And just as your diet needs to be altered for various seasons, some aspects of your home environment can also be adjusted when you live in a seasonal clime.

These teachings help to bring you back to a state of inner balance within your external environment. Each one of us is composed of a different ratio of these elements. And again, it is the science of Astrology that can so quickly identify these elemental imbalances in your constitution as well as from transiting astrological influences.

Tibetan Bön and Buddhism

Tibetan Bon Deity paintingTwo other influences that have helped to reshape the classical art of Feng Shui, creating new branches over the centuries, have been the principles of the ancient practices of the indigenous Tibetan Bön religion and also Buddhist philosophy. These brought a decidedly grounded spiritual and ritualistic emphasis to Feng Shui practice, and further developed the esoteric component.

However, Feng Shui as it has become popularised in West has inevitably been watered down by "quick path" techniques, as has hatha yoga practice and various other ancient systems of health and wellbeing. Even the acupuncture taught in Western colleges is missing the vital, subtle nuances of the life-long study and apprenticeships it once demanded in ancient China. Taoism as a philosophy is as natural as breathing, but its study requires dedication, time, and humility. In this regard, I am in no way proclaiming myself to be a Feng Shui master.

However, being a committed Buddhist, and a Reiki Teacher, has also given me an extra skill, almost lost in antiquity, that I can apply in spaces to heal and uplift. This involves providing written sacred Buddhist mantras and/or Reiki Symbols (if you feel comfortable with this orientation) which can be hidden in certain areas of your house to bless, uplift, and protect. These are not superstitious "magic spells", but invitations to your own higher consciousness, and to that of powerfully compassionate Beings in Spirit, to bring healing to your life. Hanging and placing sacred objects in your home, objects to which you feel spiritually connected and which uplift you, will bring a similar result.

Consultations may be conducted for any location via phone or internet call,
with house/room plans/photos being emailed to me in advance;
or in-person where I am located at any time.
Astrology is needed for correct diagnosis of your personal issues
involved in the space (and also for your business map when needed).

RedgateSpace logo

I am now only offering her RedgateSpace service
in conjunction with personal or business astrology consultations,
as part of my Bodhimind Program.

Frangipani in bowl on a wooden desk


Did you get that it was a symbol of failure?
Not only failure, but the frustration that goes with it.
Viewing the painting daily would ‘wire’ your brain
to affirm that you cannot solve problems
— life is ‘too hard’.
(You can view the image on pages 51 and 52-53 of
Interiors: Texture and Harmony / Textura y Armonía,
© 2012 Fernando de Haro and Omar Fuentes,
on elegantly modern interior design.)