A New Authentic Astrology — with Kerrie Redgate

The Importance of Astrology
in the 21st Century

Astrology can now supply you with the personal template for your Unique Purpose, building confidence in your inherent abilities; and can also elaborate on why you may at times hold yourself back. This awareness allows you to be mindful of not getting in your own way.

Spiritual values are not always supported in Western Business Culture.
Yet, these are the values that give meaning to our lives.

The Tibetans refer to our self-doubt, and lack of confidence in our own purpose and spiritual nature, as a ‘mental disease’! And indeed, the depression that follows after our setbacks, or confrontations with fear-barriers, is certainly a mental dis-ease. To follow a unique path in life (which is our birth-right) may at times require some outside assistance, and from a variety of sources.

For three decades, my work and astrological research have specialised in encouraging those who’s principal aim is higher than simply material status or ‘winning’ over a competitor (in life or business); and who would, instead, prefer to offer a legacy of a life lived for the betterment of others, regardless of how few or how many, with


What Is Insidious Self-Sabotage?

It is of great advantage to appreciate (in a positive manner)
that any higher purpose path will necessarily generate
many obstacles along the way.
These obstacles mature us spiritually and develop
our capacity for Greatness.

Through clinical research since 1986, my observations have revealed that the most insidious obstacle can arise from your own self-sabotaging concepts from the deepest unconscious mind. These can be elaborated astrologically through specific Transneptunian Points in the birth chart, with the qualifying addition of many relevant asteroids.

This effect has nothing to do with intelligence,
apart from the observed fact that the more intelligent you are,
the more intelligent the sabotage will be!
This is not dissimilar to playing chess with yourself!
And you need to be at least three steps ahead in the game
at all times to avoid an all-defeating check-mate.

This type of consistent sabotage can affect the way you layout and compose advertisements, or neglect to brand yourself adequately; or when you take on business partners when your personal challenge is to work alone; or, conversely, when you habitually work alone when your challenge is to take on partners or work in a team; or when you might give up just as success is about to appear over the next horizon… Personal self-sabotage can also have devastating effects on your close relationships, leaving you bewildered as to what went wrong.

Mindfulness is the developmental key to avoiding these errors, once you have recognised the patterns. Though, these stubborn thought-forms in the psyche may be so entrenched, after lifetimes of reaffirming what are actually false concepts, that you can easily become blinded to your own sabotaging efforts as they are occurring.

An experienced guide along the way,
carrying the
Guidemap of your own Astrological Birth-Chart,
can be highly useful at these times

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