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Angels Trumpet canopy in te Domain Gardens, Sydney Australia
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What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are created
from the ‘alchemical’ synthesis of flowers,
pure life-sustaining spring water,
and life-giving sunlight

They are necessarily produced with reverence for the spiritual qualities within nature. They may be considered as ‘amrita’. In the ancient language of Sanskrit this is amrita, ‘water of life’ ▼ (literally translates as ‘immortal’.) In Western mythology, amrita would equate with ambrosia, the ‘nectar of the gods’.

The effect of flower essence tinctures is purely and subtly vibrational. No substantial material from the plant is left in the water-brandy tincture. Therefore, there are no herbal effects that work directly on the physical body. For this reason, flower essences do not interfere with other modalities such as herbs, medical drugs, or homeopathic preparations.

Flower essence therapy is a unique tool as it has captured the positive thought-forms from the living flowers. Since the 1960s, scientific research has been proving that plants (as with all living things) have consciousness. Also, the recent research of Masaru Emoto has demonstrated the power of water to hold patterns of energy, whether of sound or emotional/mental emanations.

Flower essences thus have the capacity to retrain our subconscious habitually negative thought processes that potentially lead to severe illnesses, while at the same time stimulating insights into the causes of our deluded perceptions and negative states of mind.

To heal conditions of physical disease in the body, we must work on all levels at once: the physical, emotional, conscious-mental, and spiritual (subtle mind). Flower Essences can work beautifully at the spiritual level, often the most difficult level for us to shift or even recognise. In this way, Flower Essences are a perfect complement to any other modality of healing.

The healing from flower essences is extremely refined, yet can affect every level of our consciousness, from the gross to the subtle states of mind, thus producing transformations at the emotional, mental, and especially spiritual levels of consciousness. These changes, in turn, may eventually affect even our physical condition, as the body itself is an expression of ‘Mind’.

No other modality apart from spiritual healing, or intense meditation practices, can work this deeply. And the most superb aspect of this treatment is that flower essences are always uniquely self-adjusting. Being the spiritual essence of flowers, they cannot damage an individual if mis-prescribed. They are also effective, and can be used with confidence, for children and babies, as well as plants, birdlife, and animals. And while they do not interfere with the effectiveness of other modalities employed to target physical healing (whether allopathic, traditional, or alternative), they may actually enhance or quicken the results from other therapies or modalities.

Flower essences may speed recovery from many conditions. However, if the body’s physical health is severely compromised, they may be too slow-acting on their own, and other methods of healing should always be employed in these instances, with flower essences supporting the process at higher levels of Mind.

The rediscovered art of Flower Essence Therapy
may be considered the purest, safest and
most deeply effective of the many alternative modalities
accessible to us at this time, especially within
the field of Vibrational Medicine

When employed together, Yogacara Astrology (as psychological and spiritual diagnosis) and flower essence therapy (as a treatment of Mind) have the potential to bring about astounding, holistic healing. Astrology is the path to a rational understanding of the deeper causes of the problems we face, and to their higher purpose in our life direction, while flower essences offer support as therapeutic ‘frequencies’ that may facilitate the healing and transformational process.

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Astrological Anecdote from KERRIE

For those interested in
astrological references,
especially pertaining to
the asteroids:

My work with flower essence therapy seems to have been predetermined by my own mind-stream before my birth, as the asteroids Bach (which can relate to not only Johann Sebastian, but also Dr. Edward Bach, the founder of modern Western flower essence therapy) and Amritdas (Sanskrit for ‘servant of the amrita’) are together in my astrological birth chart; and both are opposite my Ascendant on which we find the asteroid Ceres, the goddess ruling the plant kingdom—meaning, these three themes are to be brought together for the benefit of others, and I am but a servant to the ‘life-giving’ higher frequencies of the plants. Of course, with the asteroid Flora next to my Moon’s position as well, it has been the flowering part of the plant that has fascinated me.

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PS re the top image: I actually sat on that park bench underneath that astonishing canopy of Angel’s Trumpets before I took that photo. The overpowering scent was indeed heavenly!

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