Fees & Prices for All Services

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Payment Options For All Services

  • Online credit/debit card transactions are now available under Fees in the menu of my Living With Exceptional Purpose website.
  • Online Bank transfers (Australian) (by prior arrangement)
  • Western Union money transfers to:
    Kerrie Redgate, Destinaton: New Farm (Brisbane), Qld, Australia, Currency in Australian Dollars
    Choices: Send as cash, or use your credit card or bank account online
    (W. U. bank transfers by prior arrangement) Please check the fees to Western Union in your country
  • Personal bank deposits (by prior arrangement)
  • Australian cash in person only
    (NO cash in mail, please!)

Regular Fees & Prices

(When changes occur, they will announced on this page)

The Bodhimind Program, with Yogacara Astrology

Astrology Consultations
As I can no longer offer 6-hour to 10-hour sessions, it is advisable to commit to booking 3 sessions, beginning with 2 hours, so that ideas can be explored thoroughly in stages, giving you the chance for contemplation between each session. Any and all sessions are available in-house or online via Skype or FaceTime.

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Session 1: Big Picture

  • Duration: 2-2½ hours AUD$400
  • Deposit 25% of full fee (non-refundable within 3 days before the session, but transferable if cancellation is up to one day before appointment)
  • Balance is due immediately at the end of the session

Need Session Details? Switch to my Consultations page on my Living With Exceptional Purpose site.

Fee includes many hours of prior research for your personal asteroids from a list of more than 19,000 (a recently updated number, as of September 2016) — your personal asteroid research is a unique aspect of these sessions.

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Session 2: Zoom In

  • Duration: 1 hour (min) AUD$200
  • Duration: 2 hours (max) AUD$360
  • No deposit required
  • Payment is due immediately at the end of the session; in-house credit card payments can be made via Kerrie’s internet connection, or paid in advance

Session Details? See the Consultations page of my Living With Exceptional Purpose site.

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Session 3: Strategy Transit Session

  • Duration: 1 hour up to 12 months’ assessment: A$200
    (fee includes the Preparation)
  • Duration: 30-minutes up to 6 month’s assessment: A$110
    (fee includes the Preparation)
Hindsight for clarity, Foresight for opportunity—this is not ‘prediction’, but personal cause-and-effect trends from astrological influences, and based on your birth-chart to put you in charge
Available only after (at least) a prior ‘Big Picture’ Session

Need more Information? See my Strategy Transit Sessions page on my Living With Exceptional Purpose site

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Sessions 4+: Progress & Reality-Checks

  • No deposit required
  • Duration: Your choice—flat rate of AUD$35/15-minute increments, up to 2 hours (max AUD$280, unless further research is required)
  • Duration: up to 10 minutes No Charge (as in a phone call or quick email)
  • Duration: after 10 minutes, the full 15-minute increment fee will be charged
    — examples: AUD$35 for up to 15 minutes; and AUD$70 for up to 30 minutes


  • immediate advice
  • clarification
  • reality checks
  • proof-reading documents for sabotage
  • checking business artwork for sabotage, etc

Need more Information and theme examples? See my Progress Themes page of my Living With Exceptional Purpose website.


A Research Fee may be added for extra background investigation
that may be requested before any session.
You will always be informed in advance of any additional fees required.
A higher Background Research Fee will be required for:
Relationship Charts [Synastry & Composite] involving two or more people
—you will always be informed in advance of any extra fees required;
Sessions under 1 hour are not recorded as audio files,
but you are welcome to record them yourself on your own device’s app
For corporate fees for your employees or company, please contact Kerrie directly.



Astrology Courses

  • Living With Exceptional Purpose Course;
  • Yogacara Professional Astrology Course;
  • The Asteroid Course
Fees will vary depending on the structure and location of the courses. Contact Kerrie for details.
Only The Asteroid Course requires prior knowledge of astrology


Personal Asteroid Lists

(pdf files; For the astrologically savvy! See the order form on this site)


Your personal full list of over 19,000 asteroids in Zodiac list order will be given to you free of charge with your initial Big Picture session.
If you had already bought your asteroids file earlier, you will receive an updated Zodiac list version at no cost with your Big Picture session.
(More asteroids are released within the software a number of times a year, every year.)
  • Your personal list of 19,000+ asteroid positions in zodiac (longitude) order (easy to find aspects to your planets); in a pdf file emailed to you: A$20.
  • Your personal list of more than 19,000 asteroid positions in 2 pdf files: zodiac AND alphabetical orders, emailed to you. Total: A$35.
    (Note: Alphabetical lists are not strictly necessary, as you can find Names anyway in the Zodiac listing by using the ‘Find’ button in your pdf viewing program, such as Preview on a Mac or Adobe Reader in Windows, etc—just type the first few letters or so.)


RedgateSpace (for existing clients)

(after at least a ‘Big Picture‘ 1st session)

Time and costs will be calculated and agreed upon prior to the inspection, dependent upon the size of the project

All assessments include a written Recommendations Report delivered
by email in pdf format.)
  • The initial assessment, includes Inspection of property/photographs, Interview, and report in pdf format.
  • With on-site inspections, the consultation will be live in real-time; but will also include the emailed written report.
  • Where large or more complex structures or public areas, etc, are to be assessed, the initial fee may be higher accordingly. This is discussed and agreed upon by all parties before any work is done.
  • Further Updates and Adjustments are available at a later time
    A$50/20-minute increments
  • Please note: When personal on-site visits to the property are required, there may also be an agreed Travel Fee, depending on the location.


Flower Essences & Consultations

(via Skype, FaceTime, Phone, or in-house)
(Prices are the same for single or multiple formulas within one bottle;
Consultation Fees do not include the cost of the flower essences or postage & packing)

New bottle sizes

New sized bottles now available (as of April 20 2017) and with new lower prices.
A 50ml spray bottle replaces the 60ml;
and a 100ml spray bottle replaces the 125ml.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you shake the bottles gently before you spray, to remix the brandy and water solution—otherwise the presevative (brandy) will settle to the bottom and be diminished first, with use, leaving the rest of the water containing the essence frequency unprotected.

      • The new 50ml spray bottle is a perfect carry-size for handbags or deep pockets: handy to take with you anywhere, or keep in a drawer at the office. Also a good trial size. And can be replenished from a more economical 100ml bottle of the same formula for an effective long-term result.
      • The new 100ml spray bottle is ideal for a full month’s supply when used a number of times a day; and can be used to quickly replenish the 50ml bottle that travels with you.


PRICING—all prices include blue glass bottles with spray tops
(no reasonable limit to the number of essences included per bottle):

      • Flower Essence Formulas: 50ml = AUD$25.00 (plus p&p)
      • Flower Essence Formulas: 100ml = AUD$35.00 (plus p&p)

Multiple Bottle Discounts

Order multiple bottles of the same formula
at the same time
in any mixed sizes
and receive AUD$5.00 discount per bottle


      • 2 bottles of the same formula in any mixed sizes (50ml &/or 100ml) of the same formula = SAVE AUD$10
      • 3 bottles of the same formula in any mixed sizes (50ml &/or 100ml) of the same formula = SAVE AUD$15

Or put another way:

      • your same formula: 2 x 50ml together = AUD$40 total (plus p&p where necessary) (save AUD$10.00)
      • your same formula: 1 x 50ml + 1 x 100ml together = AUD$50.00 (save AUD$10)
      • your same formula: 100ml x 2 together = AUD$60 (save AUD$10)

The Consultation Fees</4>

  • 15-minute Consultation: *A$25 plus the cost of the essences
  • 30-minute Consultation: *A$50 plus the cost of the essences
  • Email Consultation: *A$25 plus the cost of the essences

See my site Bodhimind Flower Essences for details on flower essences generally, and on my formulas. (The site will be expanding soon.)


Bodhimind Reiki Courses

Group maximum 7 new students
All balances to be paid prior to the date of the Reiki course
  • Level One (2 days): A$390
    (deposit: A$100)
    (Discount ofA$50 applies to Kerrie’s previous Astrology students having completed the 1st year course in Spiritual Astrology, Yogacara Astrology, or Living With Exceptional Purpose)
  • Level Two (2 days): A$460
    (deposit: A$170)
    (Discount of A$60 applies to Kerrie’s previous Astrology students having completed her 1st year course in Spiritual Astrology, Professional Yogacara Astrology, or Living With Exceptional Purpose)
  • Level Three (3 days): A$900
    (deposit: A$300)
    (A$25 of your fee will be donated to a Kiva Loan for your merit—you will be free to re-donate the money or to cash it in when the Kiva loan has been repaid to you)
    (Discount of A$100 applies to Kerrie’s previous Astrology students having completed her 1st year course in Spiritual Astrology, Professional Yogacara Astrology, or Living With Exceptional Purpose)

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Bodhimind Reiki Courses: PRIVATE TUITION

(for ONE STUDENT only)
FOR YOUR MERIT: All Private Tuition Reiki courses include one KIVA LOAN donation made in your name @ A$25; redeemable for cash when the KIVA loan has been repaid to you, or you can choose to recycle it to another loan.
(This makes up for not having other people to work on with Reiki through the class, as all healing work generates great spiritual Merit.)
All balances to be paid prior to the date of the Reiki course
  • Level One (2 days; private student): A$1,200
    (deposit: A$300)
  • Level Two (2 days; private student): A$1,400
    (deposit: A$500)
  • Level Three (2-3 days to suit; private student): A$2,700
    (deposit: A$1,000)

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*Please consider that some services may require
an extra postage & packing fee.
Please check this with Kerrie before final payments are made
All prices are in Australian Dollars.
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