Book Series — by Kerrie Redgate

Book Series by Kerrie Redgate

(award-winning author)

Kerrie Redgate Wacked by Bodhisattva

Kerrie about to be
wacked on the head
by one of her
‘Transcendent Bodhisattvas’
for being so late with the
book series!
(Nan Tien Temple,
Wollongong Australia)
PS: A snap, not a staged photo!

It’s coming! It has been a very long time in the making—my life’s work, in fact. But at last the first set of my own book series is in sight of publication in late 2017. Plus another very different series that I’m hoping to publish after that, a little later, in 2018.

Initially, my comprehensive book series on astrology and consciousness (and related topics) began its life in 1998, seemingly destined to be a single fat paper tome (of more than 500,000 words, mostly written in just 13 months!). But the bizarre twists of Fate conspired against me, and even though I spent the following decade deep in research and investigations, the book was not completed.

Just as well! There is no substitute for time and practice when it comes to a professional polish in one’s writing. Not that I’m a master now, but there have been visible improvements!

A huge change arrived for me in 2011, when I sat in front of Dale Beaumont, one of Australia’s most prolific authors (and now founder and CEO of Business Blueprint) who advised us to not think "book", but to think "book series". And even though I’d had an American publisher interested in the concept of my book, Dale was the first person to convince me that self-publishing was the way to go.

The Anthologies

I’d had articles published in a number of magazines from the late 1980s, and made my first anthology contribution to Ian White’s book Australian Bush Flower Healing in 1999. Though, this was an odd experience, as my rough first trial draft which had been written quickly for basic subject approval, had been not only seriously altered by the editor (including some critical astrological spelling: I was not referring to the Kuiper Belt "trans-Neptunians", but the eight Witte-Sieggrün "Transneptunians"—vastly different!), but was also published, instead of my third and final draft! OOps!Self-publishing looking pretty good!

Yet, I was published again in another anthology in 2011, via the talented author/editor/multi-award-winning publisher, Sophia Fairchild of Soul Wings® Press. Sophia maintains a close working relationship with her authors, so this was a much happier experience than my first anthology contribution in 1999! This 2011 book, Planet Whispers: Wisdom From Soul Travelers Around the World, has fourteen contributing authors, including Sophia, herself, and we received an award for the book, which is quite exciting! Also, on Goodreads it’s been given an average of 4.75 stars and 100% of people voting like it!

My chapter in Planet Whispers is titled "Is It the Body or the Mind That Travels?", uncovering the subtle influences that are travelling with us in foreign lands.


The longing to reach an exotic destination is not for the food, the entertainment, or the postcards, but a yearning of the soul to complete something undone long ago."

— Kerrie Redgate,
excerpt from "Is It the Body or the Mind That Travels?",
Planet Whispers (ed. Sophia Fairchild)


My chapter also offers some clues as to how we can find our own personal Power Places. I gave away a little of my research in that book pertaining to the source of astrological influences, but that will be the focus of an entire book I’m currently completing.

(I have to say, though, I have some issues with the Audible narrated version of my chapter in Planet Whispers, so I recommend the paper or ebook versions if my chapter is significant for you. See the detailed note at the bottom of this page.)

Planet Whispers is available via Amazon (paper, ebook, Audible), Kobo, iBooks, and can be ordered through your favourite book store.

Planet Whispers book cover and note

This book was a National Best Book Awards 2012—USA Book News Award-Winning Finalist: Best Anthology: Non-Fiction

So there it is: I’m officially an award-winning author!

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2011 was very much a writing year for me. I had also stepped up my blog production—now lost, thanks to Yahoo!’s shenanigans. I have switched to a new web host for genuine customer service! But still have many of those original blog texts, so may re-purpose some as a small ebook.

Meanwhile, my new Exceptional Purpose Resource Blog is a collection of mostly videos from thought-leaders, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs for your inspiration, with me adding some contextual commentary.

Also that year, I was pondering deeply as to how on Earth I could slice up my gigantic 500,000-word manuscript into a series of books.

The result is that today I have about ten books on the go! (And another six in the planning stages!). Three or four will be published at the same time this year.

Rescued By Scrivener

However, I had long been frustrated with the writing apps available for professional writers. I tried one after the after, but felt constrained by each one of them. I have since learned that I was not alone!

One of the miraculous changes that occurred for me in recent years has been the discovery of the fabulous writing and authoring software, Scrivener, created by the good people at Literature & Latte. (I use their Scapple app on the Mac as well, for creating "mind-maps" for Strategy-Transit reports.)

I had downloaded the free trial of Scrivener in 2012 (or 2013?), but at first sight it looked complicated and ugly! I’d had no idea then that it could be completely customized, visually and practically, for your preferred work environment.

Joanna Penn+Kerrie Redgate

Joanna Penn (left) and me, at her
‘How to Make a Living With Your Writing’
seminar in Brisbane Feb 2017

It was not until 2015 that I discovered Joanna Penn, arguably the queen of indie author publishing! Her non-fiction book series and podcast are indispensable for writers. And apart from the treasure trove of wisdom she shares for us indie authors, Joanna’s podcasts and videos inspired me to try Scrivener again.

Most professional writers and authors use Scrivener as the software of choice. It’s not simply a writing app, but an entire research environment for your work. It can hold all of your research data—including offline web pages, videos, images, documents—that you need for your writing project, all in one place, and even stored within their respective chapter and subdocument files.

To think, I used to print out long chapters I’d written in MSWord, slice up little sections with scissors, lay them out on the floor to get the overall picture, and then sticky tape them to where I thought they should go in the chapter! Then I had to do the same virtual cut-and-paste in MSWord itself!!

With Scrivener, you can create smaller documents within a document or chapter and just slide their icons up and down in the sidebar "Binder", placing them where they should fit best in the project. Easy! And that is only the beginning.

But it didn’t stop there, as I needed help just understanding what Scrivener was capable of, and how to do it. And that’s when I found Karen Prince who has produced excellent, comprehensive, and affordable online courses for working with Scrivener. Here’s a brief introduction from her YouTube channel:

My mother used to tell me,
"You can do anything in life if you have the right tools."

— Kerrie Redgate

My mother was absolutely correct. And I now feel liberated as a writer, as I have a tool that not only has boosted my production (and allows me to set real-time targets), but will also help me format my books for various self-publishing platforms.

So I am aiming to start publishing a few books from my series simultaneously in 2017 (the big move interstate to Queensland had caused a bit of a disruption to my 2016 publishing schedule!). They will begin as ebooks in various formats, then paper versions will follow.

If you are on my mailing list (big red button below!), you will be alerted to the brief periods when these will be discounted or free for you in the e-book versions for a limited time, or pre-released especially for review purposes. And one of the first e-books in the series will be periodically free (Amazon are not keen on permafree titles), with a price tag for the on-demand printed version.

The Contents of the Series

The main theme of the series relates to "consciousness", and how it can be explained through Astrology, while delving into the deepest questions about life. This is a new system of interpretation and new research I have been developing since 1986. Some of the books will also deal with my extensive research into subtle self-sabotage in career and relationships—this is also exclusive work.

  • One of the earliest volumes in the series is an explanation of Reincarnation based on my research methods. This will be a comprehensive exposé covering also the significance of childhood experiences viewed here as the direct result of former causes, rather than the ultimate cause of our present condition, discussed in relation to our mind-stream ("memory-consciousness"). It includes a step by step description of the research I have undertaken with several colleagues to prove reincarnation as a valid process of life development.
  • Another early volume describes how astrology actually works, with major references to the Earth’s magnetic field and the brain. I have never supported the standard catch-cry from many astrologers that Carl Jung’s theory of "Acausal Synchronicity" is behind this profound science. (I find that a lazy, straw-grasping approach.) As a Buddhist, I firmly believe that all things are a manifestation of causes and conditions. Again, my proposal is based on my own research. This book also helps to elaborate further on the process of the transmigration of consciousness, the reincarnation of the mindstream.
  • Yet another volume takes a further leap to elaborate on the spiritual psychology of The Yogacara Doctrine of Mind (including the Buddha Nature), a sophisticated system of eight types of consciousness which Siddhartha Gautama, the man we refer to as The Buddha, had devised through his insights during the 6th century BC. Here, I have made major correlations to brain areas and astrological signatures. Again, this is original work that I have been refining since the late 1990s.
  • This brings us into the deeper implications of what it means to be a spiritually mature human being, living a life of compassion through inherent wisdom. The book that addresses this theme elaborates on the idea of the modern day Bodhisattva, the courageous, awakened person who wants meaning from life, and who recognises our social responsibility. This volume will hopefully inspire the entrepreneur/solopreneur to boldly innovate with confidence that the world can be changed in a way that benefits all.
  • There will be other volumes that support this last one, focusing on the idea of Exceptional Purpose as the new standard for business and social reform.
  • There will also be a volume dedicated exclusively to Flower Essences, where I will publish some of my formulas that I have found to be effective for my clients and students. (See also my new website,, which is presently going through a cosmetic transformation)
  • And a separate book on Astrological Transits describing the responsible way in which we may still use the current astrological influences as opportunities to develop strategies for directing our future decisions. In this way, Transiting influences become natural timers for our spiritual development, without seeing these astrological forces as being "fatalistic". This book also illustrates the common cycles of inner growth, instigated by planetary cycles, which we all experience from our birth to the end of our life; and their implications for our personal responsibility in the world.

Other books are also in the works to support these themes more specifically.

Here is a brief list of the main topics I’m covering:
  • A new more positive and inspirational interpretation of the Western (Tropical) astrological chart
  • The use of thousands of asteroids as the body-text of your birth chart, to describe your deeper past and the concepts hidden in your brain
  • Unique research involving the eight Transneptunian Points for your higher spiritual evolution
  • The Astrological Paradigms and How You Can Take Advantage of their Mass Influence, personally and professionally
  • Astrology and The Yogacara Doctrine of Mind, one of the highest levels of Buddhist psychology
  • Some Taoist Philosophy to help bring you to wholeness and inner balance with the outer world
  • Flower Essence therapy to help retrain your brain
  • A little physics and cosmology to make sense out of it all
  • General brain science to understand your mental and emotional processes
  • The human energetic system related to astrological signatures including associations with the "auric fields" of consciousness, chakras, and major meridians, all offering clues for the development of further diagnostic techniques in various fields
  • and a lot more!

I apologise for the enormous delay in getting this series of books out there, but I am intending that the wait will eventually prove its worth. And I thank those who have made inquiries, for their patience and continued interest.

Do you have questions about the topics I’m covering in my book series?

It can be easy for me to leave something significant out, forgetting that other people may not have had the same realisations nor had done the same investigations.

So I have created an easy SURVEY where you can ask me directly and I may be able to answer your queries for everyone via my books. The Survey guides you through the general topics.

Here’s the link. Try it out! I’d love to hear from you.

SURVEY: ask me !

With Thanks

I owe a great deal of the success of this research to my clients and students, over the years, who provided the necessary feed-back, suggestions, and questions that led me to my present understanding of the wisdom and truth within the science of astrology generally.

I also want to thank the good people at Literature & Latte for creating their fabulous Scrivener software for both Mac and Windows writers, and for making it so affordable for us! (Note: this is not an affiliate link. I just want to spread the word!)

A Mac writer using Scrivener

Personal Comments

I have been very excited to find that the new "science of consciousness", presently emerging in our Western technological culture, is now validating many of the theorems and discoveries I have been writing about in the Astrology and the Seventh Veil series. I will now be able to refer in my own book to many of the new scientific studies being conducted at this time, and perhaps this has had something to do with the delay of its publication. My dream of having astrology finally validated as a genuine science may possibly be moving closer to becoming a reality.

Download a copy of Kerrie Redgate’s 2008 Insight Magazine article Cult or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatum (written mostly in 2007), explaining both the previous global astrological era (from 1995 to 2007) and this current one (2008 to 2023), highlighting the big changes that were yet to come at the time of writing, from an astrological viewpoint. Many of the issues mentioned are already happening now, and we are only half-way through. This article explains why.

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You can also connect with me via the social media site links you’ll find in the footer of this site; or via the Contact page. And any questions you have about my consultations or courses are most welcome. (You will also find a lot more information on my Living With Exceptional Purpose website.)

Note on Planet Whispers:

There are some errors in the narration of the Audible version of my chapter in Planet Whispers. Despite my literary efforts to avoid confusion, the word "tear" was mispronounced as though a rip rather than a little wet drop, and the following Bahasa Indonesian term "maaf maaf" ("excuse me, I’m very sorry") was replaced by the narrator with a defiant "Uh-huh?", which was NOT what had happened in the actual incident!

It mortifies me to think that people hear this as me being rude to a Balinese official! I’d had a lovely exchange with that man—that was the point!

Also, I was surprised to find that there was someone on the planet, especially a narrator, who had never heard of Bondi Beach, so it came out "Bondee" (again, not as I had written!). However, I found that Kindle’s original auto text-reader voice on my older Kindle handled both "tear" and "Bondi" perfectly!

I haven’t heard all of my chapter narrated, so I have no idea how the narrater handled the astrological terms! You can hear my opening paragraphs recited in the audio sample on the Amazon Audible page for the book. I hadn’t been aware of an Audible version in existence before I’d found that page.

If you are interested in my chapter, my advice is to buy the paper or the e-versions (Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, etc).

And if I decide to produce audio versions of my own books, I’ll be the one doing the narration!

If you are an aspiring indie author, yourself,
head over to Joanna Penn‘s website,
The Creative Penn,
where life begins!