About Kerrie Redgate

Kerrie Redgate 2015

Who Is Kerrie Redgate?

I started practising Hatha Yoga in 1968—people thought I was weird.
I started meditating in 1973 — people thought I was bizarre.
I became a vegan in 1976 — people thought I was crazy.
I started buying organic foods in the late ’70s — people thought I was nuts.
I then tried to encourage wholegrains & fibre in their diet — people thought I was mad.
I warned of the dangers of refined white sugar back in 1976 — people thought I was silly.
I became a Reiki channel in 1986 — people thought I was a looney.
I also became a serious astrologer in 1986 — people (though not my clients!) thought I was insane.

Time has proven I wasn’t wrong or nuts — just a little ahead of my time.

. . . AND I STILL AM !

For more explicit details on my research and what I have been up to, especially during these past 30 to 40 adult years, please visit my ExceptionalPurpose.com website here.

Thank you!