Kerrie Redgate — Exceptional Purpose consultant & educator since 1986

Kerrie Redgate

This Is How Things Can Change

I have spent the past three decades designing and refining a practical and reliable system to uncover the ultimate purpose and worldly niche for individuals (hopefully, such as yourself) who really want to add meaning to their lives through making a difference to the lives of others.

Along with this process came been the necessity to find solutions for helping you overcome any hindering subtle self-sabotage that can be typically lurking in the darker recesses of your mind.

As with all truly effective systems, I found that it is through the combining of several tools that your goals can be supported and fulfilled.

The central tool:

  • An advanced system of astrological interpretation I have developed for the 21st-century, which I labelled Yogacara Astrology.
  • This astonishing tool has evolved organically since 1986, through working extensively, one-to-one, with live clients and students. (My original personal sessions lasted for 6 to 10 hours—alas, a feat I can no longer manage!)

Unique value:

  • Yogacara Astrology is derived from its integration with the treasure of Buddhist psycho-philosophy & ethics, bringing a positive sanity to what is found in your birth-chart;
  • Some Taoist considerations for bringing wholeness through your inner life and outer environment;
  • Thousands of asteroids now provide the body-text of your birth-chart, with the planets (in my view) now recognised as being ‘chapter headings’;
  • Plus my own life-experience and varied independent studies and research.

This combination can reveal the exceptional life purpose you can achieve, emerging in detail, almost in 3-D, right from your chart!

Once you discover, through comprehensive Astrological analysis, what subconscious processes are entrenched in your brain, and why they are there, the path to higher achievement can become visible and possible.

More layers of support for you:

  • Flower essence therapy (see my website for details) which can help to ‘rewire’ your brain.
  • RedgateSpace is system I have I have integrated through the use of the Taoist Bagua principles combined with astrology and applied to your spaces.
  • And even Bodhimind Reiki courses, though not for everyone, can stimulate or enhance compassionate attitudes, intuition, and inner healing.
  • I am also available as a reality check for pre-approval of your business cards, letterheads, important documents, etc, that may be subtly sabotaged—it is amazing what we can’t see, ourselves.

Sadly, though, the term ‘Astrology’ often evokes a plethora of negative (if not down-right rude) reactions from people in Westernised countries. . . Why? . . . Tabloids, of course.

I am happy to report
I have never succumbed
to writing a bogus
Sun-Sign column!

Some obviously security-conscious, or perhaps fame-seeking, pseudo-astrologers have, unfortunately. Although, a scant few astrologers have been attempting to sprinkle some wisdom in the process. But such an abuse of this precious resource creates a never-ending downward spiral in the diminution of Astrology as a genuine science.

Since 1998, I have been researching and writing a series of books to hopefully change some minds. I am planning to start rolling out the iBooks and e-versions (thank heavens for self-publishing!) from January 2016. And one of them in the series will be free in the iBook/epub versions. To receive advanced news on their release, and other snippets you may find helpful or interesting, you can subscribe to my Bodhimind News e-newsletter via the button below or in the sidebars. Your email address is of course never shared with anyone apart from me. My mailing list is electronically controlled by the good people at MailChimp.

This website is a more concise evolution of my originally comprehensive site which I have been splitting into several smaller and focused sites, by modality. This site will also offer a broader picture of who I am, maybe helpful if you are considering my services. I hope you find some inspiration here, and a view of our human and spiritual potential that moves us beyond our own pre-conceived boundaries.

If you would like to experience a consultation with me, you can fill out my Online Booking Form here. (No deposit is required until the appointment date has been set.)
You can find out more about the step-by-step booking and session procedures on the Consultations page of my Living With Exceptional Purpose website. And of course I am happy to hear from you via email on my Contact page.