Introduction: Designing Exceptional Purpose Careers


Kerrie Redgate 2015

For the past 30 years,
I’ve been guiding people who have desired to take their careers to the next level,
to match their evolving consciousness,
especially when they have been confused as to their next direction,
or have been finding some sneaky self-sabotage (resistance) getting in their way.

Apart from excavating the ultimate source of the subtle self-sabotage plaguing many otherwise capable individuals, my process here sometimes involves creating entirely new careers for people who are ready to step into their real work.

This is possible, as I have developed a system where I’m able to ‘read’ these frequencies resonating with my clients from their own astrology charts (the map of their birth moment), just as a musician can interpret a sheet of music. We are inherently connected to our planet which is inherently connected to our solar system, and on and on… Everything is in a state of harmonic resonance.

Exceptional people are ordinary people who have dared to live their unique purpose. This requires focus, compassion, and dedication; and always advances and uplifts the human condition in some way.

So, you can see, my services may not be for everyone. But if you think this may fit you, and you are ready to approach life from an Exceptional perspective, you can start with my pre-booking information via this button, which will take you to my Living With Exceptional Purpose website:

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Or you may prefer to explore this website first (the FAQ page may be helpful), and perhaps subscribe to my free Exceptional Purpose Resource newsletter (‘Stay Connected’ buttons) for the publishing dates of my imminent book series plus other exclusive information and downloads, including my Resource Guides ebooklet series, that may be useful to you.

"Kerrie, I have such fantastic memories of learning astrology from you and of you in general. You are a brilliant teacher and researcher. You are a brilliant interpreter of astrology."

(former editor
Southern Crossings Magazine)
(NSW Australia)

"Kerrie’s detailed insights are just what you need to help you find your path and stay on it. Her extensive years of innovative research and work with clients has built up an extraordinary depth of knowledge and skills. Highly recommended."

(Tasmania Australia)

"Thank you so much for such a lovely session! It has helped so much more than one would think, and I am having so many realisations each day since we had the session, which is just lovely… thank you!!!"

(Auckland New Zealand)


You can find more about me here.

(on my Living With Exceptional Purpose site)


My original site has now been divided into four sites plus a new Exceptional Purpose Resource Blog, to elaborate more fully on the various areas of my work for you; while this site will be more of a hub, to provide an overview of all my services and my book series (plus my music).

This site also introduces The Bodhimind Program, offering a broader picture of what I do, to show how the pieces fit for you—maybe helpful if you are considering my services.

I have moved most of the emphasis for my Astrology work to my new website. So, please check that out, too. You will find comprehensive information there on my private consultations, courses, philosophy, and related topics.

And do check out my video interviews in the footer of this site. (More of the extensive TV interview will appear here soon.)

I hope you find some inspiration here, and a view of our human and spiritual potential that moves us beyond our own preconceived boundaries.

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