Kerrie Redgate: Designing Your Exceptional Purpose
Kerrie Redgate

Living with purpose
is a life not wasted

But living with
exceptional purpose
is a life fulfilled

If you are serious about

orchestrating your own life-changes;
finding your highest career expression;
eliminating anxiety/subtle self-sabotage;
and bringing positive change to our world,

PLEASE read on.
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Having an Exceptional Purpose enriches our lives. It also enriches the lives of others. This is our inherent spiritual power, which drives both genuine success and durable happiness.

Our brains are 'wired' for our exceptional purpose at birth. Yet, we are often stifled in our efforts by unseen forces within our own subconscious minds.

Our own potential in life
far exceeds our own expectations!

Whether facing the wall of unconscious anxiety or seemingly external obstacles, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to slip back into the old, safe paradigm of The Familiar, as wrapped inside our insidious fear or terror is our actual Gift, just waiting to burst through.

Only our uniquely filtered perception stands in our way

To resolve this, I have fused ancient BUDDHIST YOGACARA PSYCHOLOGY (highly relevant today!) with my advanced system of WESTERN ASTROLOGY (the bioscience of resonant frequencies) that I have developed over decades, for deeper insights into your complex levels of mind, to guide the reversal of old patterns that no longer serve your Purpose, while also uncovering your highest potentials for mastery in this life.

Your purpose and skills are unique,
and can be decoded from your personal astrology chart
when interpreted at the relevant, and also practical,
higher spiritual (more 'conscious') level.

This new system has been my life's work. After 39 years of research, here are some of the useful details I am able to decipher from the resonant map of the solar system at your birth:

Your EXCEPTIONAL PURPOSE for this life
Your personal path to COMPASSION
(compassion reduces stress!)
for your success

and also:

origins of specific SELF-SABOTAGE PATTERNS
The recognition & understanding of your emotional STRESS BUTTONS
Your relevant PAST-LIFE EXPERIENCES as habit-patterns imprinted in your brain 'circuitry'

An astrology chart can be read as the interface between the mind and brain at birth. And being non-linear, it is also your mandala of consciousness. There may be times when you can use an experienced guide while navigating the maze of your own multi-levels of mind. This service is available as private consultations &/or modular personal-development courses.

Our present global Astrological paradigm (which began in early 2008 and will end in December 2023) is the Era of Ethics (hence the easily predicted GFC!); it is also the Era of the Entrepreneur.

This era presents our greatest opportunity to develop our personal mastery and skills, to build innovative foundations for making a difference to the lives of others.

For further support in this endeavour, I can also provide:

Personalised Flower Essence formulas: to speed the process when utilised consistently over time, the length of which depends on your own inner resistance.
Feng Shui guidance & principles: to both enhance your personal spaces & heal your subtle inner sabotage.
Reiki (Spiritual) Empowerments for those who are so inclined: the icing on the cake for opening to compassion and to your natural intuition.

You will come across the term 'Bodhimind' on many of these pages. 'Bodhi' is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'awake'. The 'awakened mind' is one of unrelenting Wisdom, which naturally generates Compassion for all living beings. It is the basis of all good results.

You have a precious human life.
Fabulous opportunity!
It can be easily wasted as time slips away,
that's the flip side
. . .
Better to have a plan!
It is now time for our personal spiritual development
to be linked to our Purpose.

Please peruse some of the pages within this comprehensive website to see what is possible when ancient tools are reshaped for our current awareness, aspirations and almost limitless opportunities.

Kerrie Redgate

Why Was the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 Predictable Years in Advance?

More video clips from these episodes and other interviews on the Kerrie Redgate's Interviews page on this site

Note: For more details on this and our previous paradigm, you can view & download my 2008 published article "Cult Or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatum", largely written in 2007, and published by Insight Magazine, Australia.

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" Focusing on our
negative traits only
serves to reinforce them.
The Buddhist approach to
psychology is to nurture
one's positive potentials
through mindfulness, so
that we may more fully
empower our inherent
buddha-nature for the
benefit of others. The
harmful ego-traits
will then simply
—Kerrie Redgate

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